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The whole range of restored antares saddles for sale

The brand Antares comes from Charente Maritime, close to Toulouse at the exit of the Garonne. It is a people who became familiar in craftsmanship, it is for this reason that the saddle Antares devours the market.

The best saddler France

Born in 2000, Antares has nearly 20 years of his work with finesse and passion, the opportunity to Antares saddles are always good to restore. The brand Antares has performed from these years of time, and focused sport riding. This is why this name brand tempo on the market. Focus on comfort and locomotion of the horse, ensuring the rider balance, touch and natural feeling of freedom were the main lines of work proposed by professionals to the Antares team. All the work involved in the saddle to see the day, were thus dictated by criteria the brand team wished to add the little touch of design “clean”, “racy” by Antares.

Antares in his madness

A hand work performed by the team of the Antares who takes care of his works. It is therefore reassuring to buy a used antares saddles whose brand is not lost to the right string. This saddle between several passes, but before going on the shelf. It takes time to restore a saddle, but sometimes, if it has been forgotten in the attic, just a few tips for the back again. The design of the new Antares takes the range of sports, and the brand is expanding its domain in other riding accessories, but opens its stores in several countries and is developing wonderfully online. The Antares range took the initiative to take care of its riders competing. This signature made some adjustments on the obstacle stool under the sign of Altair.

Now, Antares has bothered to put its label on helmets for riders with a special design. She also participates in several meetings around the world to help individual athletes with her team.

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