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We're not going to argue that a new saddle is way too expensive. This is certainly the equipment of highest importance This is also the centerpiece to have if you decide to go riding on horseback quite regularly. Also the first thing you'll have to take into account, because it'll be the sort of saddle that suits your needs and that sierra perfectly on your horse's back. It should be remembered that there are different styles of saddle depending on whether you want to do dressage lessons, show jumping, riding lessons on horseback or just for riding pleasure.

Choosing a saddle to keep your horse happy

A saddle that doesn't fit well with your horse can have health repercussions and can have an impact on training sessions in particular. Indeed, it won't be easy for an unsuitable saddle and will be harder to ride. You know whether a saddle suits your horse or not, you need to take its width into account. The back of the horses is not the same: there is no doubt about it from the prominent tourniquet on the thoroughbred to the rounded tourniquet that can be seen in Arabian horses and the Quarter Horses. If the saddle you've purchased is made for a tourniquet that's too wide, then press it on.

Choose the adequate saddle

You'll also need to remember saddle balance when it's on the horse, tree and cantle level, or back and forth tilting the saddle. An unstable saddle can inflict excessive pressure on your horse which can inflict you to lose your equilibrium. Finally, the fine used saddle needs to be able to blend in with its rider. Because every time you hit the pommel with every step, a saddle which is too small will hurt you. And an overly wide saddle won't help you maintain a good spot. Ideally, when you sit in the seat and for easy support, you should be able to put the palm of your hand between yourself and the cantle.

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